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About Us

CHIKO Adventures is a travel startup founded and bootstrapped by 9 young men from Ukhrul District, Manipur in 2016 and is based in Ukhrul itself. ‘CHIKO’ translates as ‘nine’ in Tangkhul language. To harness tourism and promote ecotourism in Ukhrul district, the 9 members kickstarted CHIKO Adventures in 2016.

CHIKO Adventure team’s primary mission and vision are to preserve and conserve flora, fauna, and cultural heritage by promoting and raising awareness about eco-friendly tourism and through adventure tourism.

To promote Ukhrul District as a tourist destination, the team continually explore, promote and popularise tourist potential locations and create awareness by visiting and interacting with the locals by camping, trekking, and cycling to different villages and locations. It is the team’s belief that once the community can promote itself as a tourist spot which brings in both domestic and foreign tourists, tourism itself can drastically help improve the economic upliftment of many by way of providing homestay, hotels, and engaging as tourist guides.

The team’s primary activities include group trekking, camping, and cycling at selected tourist-potential locations. In an effort to interact and reach out to more people, the team also attends or facilitates adventure training and events at regular intervals.

CHIKO Adventures’s sincere efforts have time and again gained recognition from the state’s tourism department and have represented Manipur in various tourism events across the country, on a national as well as an international level.

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